About Me

(Wai pronounced “Way”)

Hi! I’m Tracy Wai de Boer.

I am a writer and devoted creative. I believe in the deeply transformative power of the written (or spoken!) word. 

I began my professional journey as an academic – pursuing an MA and then PhD in political philosophy. My path was abruptly derailed when I sustained a serious concussion in early 2019. That incident allowed me to deeply reflect on my life and to embrace my creative work as my life’s purpose and passion. 

I am mixed-race and explore this and other features of identity through much of my written work. I also write extensively on nature, culture, memory, and facets of the human condition/experience.

While I primarily work with words, I’m always looking for and developing new modes of creative expression. I sew all my own clothing, draw, paint, collage, garden, do pottery, and shoot and develop 35mm film photography. 

Originally from Calgary AB, I’ve lived all over the country and currently reside in Toronto ON, though I never seem to stay in one place for very long…

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