Hi! I’m Tracy Wai de Boer. (Wai pronounced “Way”)

Hello You Vibrant Soul!

I’m Tracy and I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve been writing, editing, and facilitating creative writing programs for years and I believe in the power of writing to connect us with others and with our truest selves. It is my mission to help others in the telling of their stories.

As a writing workshop facilitator, I’ve led creative writing programs with courageous, creative, and vibrant women and youth through the Toronto Writer’s Collective and Centauri Arts. These sessions allow people to reconnect with their creative voices and offer heartfelt support to one another.

As a freelance writer, I write alongside dynamic small business owners and entrepreneurs. These individuals are truly making a positive difference in the world and I’m honoured to help them clarify their messages. Together we craft the words that represent their missions, ventures, and visions. (See Client Stories.)

When it comes to my own creative work, I’ve published essays, short stories, and poetry. (See more here, here, here, and here.) I always have many creative projects on the go and currently, I’m editing a poetry collection with a Toronto publisher to be released Fall 2020.

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